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Sos — Текст песни Bionic.

This world is so bionic We feel it while we on it We re programmed to keep noddin, Working, starving, eating garbage This world is so bionic We re programmed to be on it We feel it closing on us While we re coughing blowin chronic.

Welcome to the future Where the past is left back in a drunk stupor All brain waves are plugged to computers And police shoot ya plus they electrocute ya And some say it s better than it s ever been But it s hard to tell it when everybody s selling Information like personal numbers and coordinates And I bet you didn t know you had an audience But of course.

Peepin while you re sleepin Critiquing what you re thinking to see if you re Overheating Circuitry beyond imagination Even to travel many need digital navigation Pedestrians pacing the sidewalk No conversation just rotation on iPods Cause times are a changing indubitably If you agree then let me hear you do it with me Because.

This world is so bionic We look like robots on it We re programmed to keep noddin, Working, starving, eating garbage This world is so bionic We don t know how it started We feel it closing on us While we re coughing blowing chronic.

Indeed we do That s why nobody ever reads the news In a daze like they seemed confused Off their P s Q s and on weed booze Etcetera, baby.

We re the only machines that consume narcotics And don t bother to even question the logic Our thoughts are trained like our brains are bionic It s crazy but honest And there s so much radiation around us.

Coming from electronics that Mr.

html The only people that made it the longest Were rich or lived in a cave like Bin Laden but Ain t no way to get away or beyond it so We let them track what we save in our wallets and The proof is available if you want it But nobody gives a fuck.

This world is so bionic My God is electronic We re made to keep on noddin, Working, starving, eating garbage This world is so bionic It s even colder on it We feel it closing on us While we re coughing blowing chronic.

and we made it this dangerous Like we don t know who our savior is Matrixes that require maintenance Sixth generation program languages that think more So your computer class is obsolete Like a man with no house to sleep Everything around me ruled by dividends Everything artificial, even intelligence.

So be hesitant of these bad boys that make mad noise Cause most of them are androids And they pack toys.

Never scared to blast boys and Girls Like asteroids for fun.

So come and enjoy A nice place where you d like to live Come and get your very own microchip Right inside your skin and beside your wrist.

I know you like that shit.

This world is so bionic Even our soul s robotic We re programmed to keep noddin, Working, starving, eating garbage This world is so bionic And no one wants to stop it We feel it closing on us While we re coughing blowing chronic.

world is so bionic.

And there s no way to get off it.

Someone stop it.

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