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Bionic Alpha.

Gold Long Range Detector for Starters.

The Bionic Alpha gold long range detector is a specialized detector which is mainly used to detect gold and silver in open fields at far distances.

This gold detector includes three different detection methods for gold and treasure hunters .

Bionic Detection Method Bio-Energy-System .

The bio-energy of the operator s body is used to find not only long time buried gold but also fresh gold.

Ionic Detection Method Ions-Chamber-System .

The Ionic Detection Method is a method to measure the ions radiation ions absorbent which will indicate long time buried gold objects under the ground.

Magnetic Detection Method Magnetic-Field-System .

Use this operating mode to check for existing ferromagnetic signatures.

By using this detection method it is also possible to detect ferromagnetic metals like iron, nickel and cobalt very quickly and easily.

The Bionic Alpha is a long range detector to locate gold, silver and ores up to small to medium distances.

Medium penetration depths are quite possible.

For long range detection up to larger distances the Bionic 01 and the Bionic X4 are recommended.

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  • Our metal detecting accessories are compatible with many OKM metal detectors and are used to optimize the measuring process and support the analysis of the targets.


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